PillWe’re all so caught up running around the CatchUpKeepUpGetAheadeFallBackCatchUp wheel of work and life.  We face so many problems in relationships, health, and money from annoying and irritating to deeply grave.  And we deal with them somehow, God Bless Us One and All.

So, with all that.  We need to take our joy pills.  It’s the vitamin we need to give us the energy to do the other stuff.

Of course, a great vacation is like taking a whole regimen of joy vitamins, but what about the little joys that one can take in a day.  Unusual joys.

For me, a joy pill is sitting on a bench at the river in Westport watching the sunset as the Canada geese, ducks, and swans converge to exchange news of their day’s events.

Or, taking a drive by myself to the elegant Mayflower Inn in Washington, CT, ordering the $17 soup (because a whole meal there would put a huge dent in my fun budget) and then, taking a walk in their beautiful, formal Shakespearean garden.

Or, playing bridge with friends on a Sunday night.

Or, meeting someone for breakfast.

Or spending a long time watching a spider in her miraculously constructed, nearly invisible web, as she waits for dinner to come to her.

Or getting out my kayak and paddling around the Saugatuck river until the peachy full moon comes up, as I did last night.

Joy pills are very individual. I have a dear friend who takes trapeze lessons.  It gives her a kind of joy that lasts for days.  For me, that would be like taking a terror pill.

What’s your joy pill?  Share it.  Maybe it will inspire me and my readers.  We can always use a little more joy.

2 thoughts on “TAKE A JOY PILL

  1. absolutely love this, Katherine! my joy pill for today is a ticket this evening to The Globe on the Embankment to see a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” i know you’ll be there in spirit. and thank you so much for bringing lovely, peaceful Connecticut back to me!

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